E-RYT 500HR 

An eloquent teacher and focused student of movement arts, Alex began his training in Martial Arts at age 13.  He has studied traditional Box, Northern Chinese Kung Fu, Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi for over 15 years. Over the years Alex has experienced a multitude of injuries which are very common in the world of fitness or exercise programs, from breaking his foot, lower back injuries, pulling muscles, dislocating joints to life-threatening infections due to diets. He has overcome all these factors with discipline and dedication towards his development of the science of the body and mind through Yoga and Martial Arts. This lead Alex to reexamine all the practices that were given to him with a different approach and a new perspective of what truly pushing the limits of oneself really meant. He started to apply limitations via the sensory system to know when an exercise is actually doing damage or benefiting the body and therefore the research opened new doors of exploration and information to be welcomed towards dogmatic practices allowing him to set regulations in order to protect the body. He has since rehabilitated many injuries using Therapeutic Yoga and Chi Gong and offers these insights during his teacher training programs and classes. He first began Yoga as a hidden form within the realm of Chinese Martial Arts when he was doing Kung Fu. Yoga has always been a part of him since the beginning. But his actual first encounter with a pure Yogic view was at Miami Life Center with Kino Macgregor, Tim Miller, and Daylene Christensen, where he studied Ashtanga Vinyasa.  After learning Ashtanga, he pursued education with teachers of sequencing design and internal yogas such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Krama and Yoga Chikitsa with teachers like Ruslan Kleytman, Rae Indigo, and Andrey Lappa. He finished a 500-hour certification with United Yoga School and completed Andrey Lappa’s level 1 and level 2 certification program. Alex is known for his charisma and kindness, introducing students to advanced concepts and practices in the most simple and accessible ways.  He is also a student of the shamanic arts and brings dignity, intelligence, and mysticism to everything he touches. United Yoga School is honored to have him contributing to the communication of Internal and Movement Arts all around the world. This has also led him to establish his own school that is now Issa Yoga carrying the legacy of his parents wherever he goes located at his own home studio and shala in Davie Fl.




Karen first began her Yoga journey in 2014 in a simple effort to add variety to her physical exercise routine and to maintain her overall health. With a soulful nurturing spirit, Karen naturally was ignited by her newfound interest in yoga. Through her practice, Karen began to develop a sense of harmonization, she became a devoted student pushing herself past physical limitations and mental boundaries. Combining discipline, diet, and a mindful lifestyle sustained a sense of inner peace. This transformed lifestyle and awareness made Karen realize that she was on a path of self-love. Her quickly evolving practice helped to establish an ability of connectedness between the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies through breath-work and both dynamic & static movement. Inspired to be of service, she pursued a career in healing touch and yoga. In 2015, she received her 200 hour Yoga instructor certification under Ruslan Kleytman, followed by her 300-hour certification with Alex Issaev in 2016. Karen began teaching Therapeutic and Krama Vinyasa Flow classes shortly after. Karen's spirit has radiated throughout her yoga journey. Self-realization, liberating the body, accepting presence, and the necessary forces life throws at us continues to encourage her dedication to yoga. Karen hopes yoga is remodeled as medicinal to life, ultimately providing more conscious beings who take care of themselves and our planet.




“When the Way is open and the Time is right. The Path will be clear and the Load will be light”


Teresita’s father sparked her interest in the flow of movement and breath as a swimmer at a very early age of her life. As she grew, she opened her soul to the importance of developing positive, strong and healthy Energy in every aspect of her life. Coming from a Medical Background as a Biochemist, with a Masters in Immunology and as a Volunteer EMT with the Fire Department, she worked on the other side of the field helping patients deal with disease instead of focusing on its origin and prevention. As time went by, she changed her approach and redirected her professional life to Prevention. She reconnected with her first love, Water, and became an Aquatic Personal Trainer, specializing in group classes, Arthritis, Common Medical Conditions, Obesity, Pregnancy, Special Groups and Runners Program, where she taught her students and clients how to avoid injuries and improve their quality of life. Teresita began practicing yoga 12 years ago and was blessed with wonderful instructors who taught her how to unify the Mind, Body and Soul through practice. As her yoga experience deepened, it became more than just a part of her life; it had become her lifestyle.

Reiki Master Teacher, E500 RYT-YACEP Hatha Yoga Instructor, she studied her first 200 hours with RoseAnn Sbona from Prana Lab, continued the next 300 hours focused more in Therapeutic and Yin Yoga with Elizabeth Hoffman from Urban Bliss Yoga; Aerial Yoga with Andrea Favelli and 100 hours more in Therapeutic and alignment with Alex Issaev, who she has the blessing to work with. Through this path she seeks to combine the benefits of life’s experiences through meditation in movement, teaching her students how to rediscover and connect with themselves, taking Yoga off the mat into the world.

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